Think Better.
Feel Stronger.

Low self-esteem, stress, fear, bad sleep and unhealthy habits sometimes hold us back from enjoying life to the fullest. The good news is these negative patterns can be broken or eliminated.

We created HelloMind to help you make a change and feel stronger. You can use HelloMind anywhere, at any time, and at a low cost.

In addition, HelloMind is free to download and you can try a complimentary Booster and a Quick Fix at no cost at all.

It's easy.

Just click your way to treatment.

Choose the area you want to work on. If you want to change or eliminate a negative thought pattern, like a phobia, or lack of self-esteem, start with that theme and click through to a specific treatment.

If you would rather strengthen a certain aspect of yourself by giving it a little extra attention, choose a Booster.

If you need immediate relief from a craving, stress, or panic or want to get 5 minutes of complete relaxation, choose a Quick Fix.

How do I choose?
By being open and honest with yourself.

You should always begin with your main problem. The app will guide you to the right treatment or Booster with simple questions. When you have consciously defined the problem, your subconscious will also know the solution.

What others are saying about HelloMind.

What others are saying about HelloMind.

“Charlotte was afraid of success

Afte using HelloMind she is not afraid of success anymore. Not even a little bit.


What others are saying about HelloMind.

“This app makes it possible to relax

Gail is using HelloMind to relax after a long day at work. Also on the subway train.


What others are saying about HelloMind.

“I have definitely felt that my sleep patterns have gotten different. I would recommend it to everyone

Daniel used HelloMind to relax and have already felt a change in his sleep pattern.


What others are saying about HelloMind.

“I’ve been stressed for a long time. But the app has been helping me not be so stressed

Paige was very stressed before she used HelloMind.


What others are saying about HelloMind.

“This app is absolutely brilliant. It has given me lots of confidence

HelloMind has given Ryan a lot of confidence, and he is getting in a habit of doing a session every night.


What others are saying about HelloMind.

“I had problems sleeping for 8 years. I couldn’t even remember what a good night’s sleep felt like.”

“On one of my better nights I would get 5 hours of sleep, and on my worst nights I wouldn’t get any. Over the years I have tried everything from conventional and natural medicine to reflexology and a psychologist. Nothing helped me before HelloMind.”

Oliver, 21

Sleeping problems for 8 years

What others are saying about HelloMind.

“I have always suffered from extreme test anxiety and would feel bad just thinking about a test.”

“My pulse would go up and I’d get all red-faced and feel like vomiting. Even worse, I’d be crying before and during a test. The different courses I’ve taken to battle my test anxiety haven’t helped. But HelloMind has really made a difference.”

Simone, 24

Suffered from extreme test anxiety

Get started.

Just press play.

Get comfortable with a pair of good headphones in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Set your phone to Airplane Mode and just press ‘play’ on your first session.

A treatment consists of 10 sessions of about half an hour each. For best results, listen to a session every day or every other day, completing the treatment within 30 days.

Result Driven Hypnosis.

Why it works.

Result Driven Hypnosis (RDH) is a form of treatment developed by the Danish hypnotherapist and lecturer Jacob Strachotta.

RDH gently guides you into your subconscious towards the root of your problem, then gives you the tools to fix it.

Read more about RDH

Read more about Jacob Strachotta

Try a Booster session

Example of a Booster session that will make you more motivated.


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“This app has changed my life and I am so grateful.”

Gail, New York

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